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“Cloud storage is not important anymore, people are interested in the flow of their files.”

–Robert Scoble

One App.
Everything Cloud.

Centralise all your online files.
Work on your Evernote, Dropbox, GoogleDrive and BOX files from one place.
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Built from scratch to solve your problem.

Manage, Share and Collaborate on your mobile.


The Flow

A timeline to check what's happening with your files and content. The fastest way to Manage your files from all clouds.



Smart way to group files from multiple clouds. Built for speed. Easy to manage. Easy to share and collaborate.


Do real work on mobile

Be faster & mobile. Review project files, create reminders and tasks for files. Ready to collaborate? Share your tasks with your team with a swipe.

Next generation mobile productivity

Secure. Fast. Mobile.


Single login for the cloud

One place for your cloud content. Files and folders, documents, notes, images.... Everything is right here.


Unified file browser

Intuitive browsing through all connected clouds. View all your folders and files in one user interface for improved productivity.


Centralised search

Forgot where a FILE is and you need to share or review it? Search at once in all connected clouds.

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